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Signatures for The United Phoenician Party Vote Petition

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11 ShadyAoun Long Life Lebanon
12 CC If the Lebanese and especially the Christians were allowed to legitimately vote for a new President...then there would be no doubt that General AOun will become President.
13 badiaahalabi  
14 MelhemMatta Vive Liban Liban pour les Lebanais
15 ElizabethKhoury Its time for us to vote no matter where we are,it our right as a lebanese citizen.
16 eliephenicien according to a late research on the genetic origin of the lebanese people, 80% of all lebanese are phenicien.hope i am and long live the phenicien party
17 SamiKleit I hope you succeed and become the largest political party Lebanon has ever seen.
18 DavidThrower  
19 ronidoumit I support your line, I do it also in the name of the aramaic democratic organization. God bless u
20 OmarAbdul Samad