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1 KhaledSakhel  
2 nabihel refai Haven't they had enough ? Is Lebanon going to end like the Palestinian cause ? Haven't we been cheated by all neighbors and friends for long enough`? We have tried those with the prophets and semi gods let us try the devil for a while
3 zahisamaha  
4 HermesMrad A Democraty is a system where all citizen have a right to express theirthelf within the respect of the Republican Principal. A Democraty is also a Political system where a watch dog has to be establish to protect this Democratic system against the extrem.
5 MikaelFranzen Right to vote for the dispora!
6 NajibAbboud It should be one of the most important rights that we have which is the right to "VOTE"
7 RaphaelAbou Jaoude Diaz  
8 vickyrouss  
9 estephanek  
10 libnanilibnani It is about time that we allow all of us "mughtaribeen" to vote no matter where we are currently residing. Heck we send enough $$s back home to pay for all of the bastards enjoying the free ride and collecting a pay check doing not a darn thing. Good luck